I deeply worry for our allies throughout the world. Especially allies in the Pacific/Asia. They completely depend on us for their defense. When the USA goes down, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia are going to suffer greatly.

Our country is now becoming extremely unstable because our political leadership in both the Democrat & Republican Parties have largely been bought off by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The disgusting Elite families who own most of our corporations and are literally Satanists/Luciferians…have also allied with the CCP.

Though these forces have attempted to centralize vast power into their hands, there are simply too many Americans who will refuse to submit.

To any foreigners that read my posts, know that regardless of the fake polls you see or the propaganda constantly spewed by CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Hollywood…the vast majority of Americans oppose what is happening.

If these riots/related attacks continue (which are funded/coordinated by the CCP & these elite families)…a massive Civil War will almost certainly break out in America.

Thankfully I presently live away from any area that would likely be an initial flash point for such a conflict.

To all nations not yet dominated by these interests, I tell you know that you must criminalize far-Leftist (not classic Liberal) ideologies as treasonous threats to the very survival of your culture/nation. Such ideologies include both AntiFa and Nazism.

For over 70 years the Left has successfully misrepresented the true origins of Nazism. Nazism developed out of far Left Marxism and the society created by the National Socialist Workers Party (aka Nazis) mirrors very closely the modern CCP. Again, these powerful elite Luciferian families are themselves Nazis…so of course they would join with the Nazi CCP to attack our Liberal Republic.

We are now reaping the results of the Baby Boomer’s failure to prevent the infiltration of our institutions by these forces after the violent social upheavals our nation suffered during the late 1960s/early 1970s.

At the core of this problem has always been super rich White people. I’ve written about this repeatedly in previous posts and how they are Dark Path Occultists. Literally the same families responsible for the present upheaval here in the USA, participated in the rise of Hitler’s regime.

Prescott Bush (dad of George Sr.) nearly went to jail for his work with the Nazis during the WW2. Bill Gates’ mother was on the Board of IBM under it’s founder Thomas Watson, who directly provided technology to Hitler which he then used to exterminate the Jews/Gypsies. Watson was a staunch supporter of eugenics. Lastly, George Soros is alleged to have been a Nazi Collaborator. Personally, I find Soro’s claim that he was a “child” when he allegedly helped the Nazi’s identify other Jews for extermination and then assisted in the seizure of their personal property…to be complete hogwash. He was 14 years old.

In old Lakota Tradition you were considered a man at 14 and eligible to participate in War Parties. I personally was expected to become a man near that age. My blood father empathically told me I was a man at 16 and I moved out of the house literally a week after graduating high school. My blood Aunt married at 14, my mother had her first child at 17 and my blood Dad married at 17. This was all back in the 50s and 60s…well after Soros association with the Nazis. BTW, he calls this period of his life his “Happy Making Time”. He said this during a 60 Minutes interview. A copy of this interview can be found at the end of this blog. I personally feel Soros should be in prison for war crimes…not funding a movement starting riots which have lead to multiple murders. But of course this is what a literal infiltrator would do?  Try to bring down the country that defeated the Nazi Third Reich? Makes you wonder.

Truthfully, the world we now know will soon be devastated by massive warfare put into motion because of the lunacy of modern Nazis. Warfare even these elites won’t survive. Those who have put all this into motion have sealed their own doom.  They are unleashing forces far beyond their ability control…but are too stupid and arrogant to realize it.

So in that I take solace.

I’ve shared the following before, but will do so now in more detail.

Bad afterlives are real as is the human soul. Your consciousness survives the death of the human body. There is no escape from it. Yes, certain lunatics might be able to download copies of their memories etc into computers via their technologies…but not themselves.

Who we are…(our very consciousness)…is what is often called the “soul”.

When the physical body dies, the electromagnetic charge (aka the soul) that animated our body…returns to the source (aka God) and is sentenced or rewarded based on it’s deeds.

What is the only currency that matters at that time of assessment?

Your compassionate intentions that lead to compassionate actions and your sincere faith in the One God alone as God. One name for Him among the Lakota is the “Bringer Out of the Void Into Being”. We also call Him “Ate Wakan Tanka”.

I often translate that as “Father, The Great Holy”. But the real translation of this name is…”Father, The Great Universal Energy that is the Essence of all that Is, both Physical & Spiritual, and Holds All Things Together”.

He owns everything and everything emanates from Him.

He owns our souls and our physical bodies.

We live on this Earth only as long as He wills it.

You can’t debate with Him, lie to Him, negotiate with Him or deceive Him.

There is no way to avoid the consequences for your acts of un-compassion against others.

The horror that awaits elite Dark Path Occult/Luciferian families is beyond imagining.

I shudder just thinking about it. Horror beyond comprehension.

And when they are gone, those selected by Ate Wakan Tanka to survive…will carry our species forward.


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